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Prison and Parole Boards

The high standards of St Philip’s Chambers have won awards both at regional and national level. These same standards extend to expertise in prison law.

Our instructions come locally and through referrals from firms nationwide.

Counsel who attend Her Majesty’s Prisons from St Phillips Chambers provide representation and advice based on years of experience within this field and are acutely aware of the significance  of the outcome to the client. Recent cases show the value of proper representation at hearings in securing a just outcome.

The service provided by our Prison Law and Parole Board team sets a standard such that Instructing Solicitors regularly use St Philip’s Chambers’ Counsel to secure the long-term relationship developed with their clients.

The importance of this is more prevalent in recent times as client loyalty is put under greater pressure by the changes in prison law.

The service provided by our team leaves lay clients in no doubt that they will continue to receive a full service from their solicitor regardless of their status.

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