Ben Williams Crime

Call: 2006


Ben practises in Crime, Regulatory and related areas of Public Law.

His advocacy skills have been built mainly in the robust environment of the Crown Court. He has also appeared regularly before Licensing Committees, in Magistrates’ Courts, County Courts, and numerous times in the High Court and Court of Appeal, modifying his style accordingly.

Ben’s clerking team have received specific praise from solicitors in relation to him going above and beyond the call of duty and displaying the common touch when working with lay clients. Senior members of circuit have noted his meticulous preparation and skill in legal argument, and have described him as having star quality.

He graduated from the University of Birmingham and Nottingham Law School with academic prizes and secured a major scholarship from Lincoln’s Inn.

Ben is editor of the Regulatory Group’s newsletters, e-shots and Twitter account.


Ben’s workload ranges from homicide to fraud, through organised crime and serious sexual offences. He has specialist expertise in respect of proceeds of crime, cross-jurisdictional disclosure, Capacity Act offences and appellate work.

 Reported Cases

 R v Brewster[2011] 1 WLR 601 (Pitchford LJ, Maddison & Macduff JJ). – Leading authority on Non-Defendant’s Bad Character. Ben appeared for the first appellant, who had been convicted of kidnapping and robbery. The convictions were quashed after detailed legal argument.

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Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Ben has a strong interest in ‘white collar’ criminal cases, having been junior for the Crown in the prosecution of a string of conspiracies to defraud car insurance companies, whilst still in the early stages of his career at the Bar.

Ben has defended cases including a company director’s lavish abuse of a company credit card; an accountant siphoning money into a personal account using false invoices, and a school administrator ‘skimming’ payments made by parents. He is currently instructed in a £2.5million theft from employer case.

Additionally, Ben has been instructed by financial institutions including Barclays Bank to represent their interests in disclosure processes within prosecutions of fraud, protecting confidentiality of employee identity and other data.

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Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)

Recently, Ben was defence junior to Timothy Raggatt QC in a complex murder case involving a plethora of forensic evidence (archaeology, pathology, anthropology, engineering, radiocarbon-dating etc.), cell-site, banking records, handwriting analysis, theology (paganism & ritual crimes) and a wealth of other material, which required a 2-month trial in Spring 2013, before Saunders J.

He is currently working alongside David Crigman QC on a possible posthumous appeal against convictions for conspiracy to murder the then Prime Minister (David Lloyd George), dating back to 1917.

Ben has acted alone in cases of attempted murder and fatal road traffic offences.

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Motoring and Road Traffic

Ben has ample experience of representing motorists on a private basis and is well-versed in the, at times labyrinthine, law in this area.

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Organised Crime and Terrorism

Ben’s experience includes the biggest cannabis production case ever encountered by Leicestershire Police, which was further connected with a comparable operation in the West Midlands; a museum heist of antiques with million pound valuations; a staged hold-up of a cash-in-transit van involving an ‘inside man’; various conspiracies to steal high value motor cars, to import or otherwise traffic drugs; and several cases involving region-wide campaigns of burglary.

Such cases necessarily involve a significant volume of evidence: covering eye-witness testimony, forensic science, ANPR and CCTV, cell-site mapping, phone contact analysis, and so on. Ben is consequently experienced in dealing with the particular technicalities of such material, and has developed transferable skills in managing voluminous and multi-faceted evidence.

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Prison and Parole Boards

Ben has appeared as an advocate in disciplinary and parole board hearings. He also has experience in Judicial Review of prison-related decisions.

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Restraint and Confiscation

Ben is on the CPS Specialist Panel for proceeds of crime work. He has acted in a number of applications under POCA and preceding legislation, arising from prosecutions for drug, fraud, and trading standards offences in particular, for Restraint, Confiscation, and Enforcement orders. He has appeared in numerous cash forfeiture cases, including an application for forfeiture of c. £1/2 million in cash based on allegations of leasing and tax fraud, and another for c. £300,000 derived from money-laundering. He has represented the CPS as intervener in ancillary relief proceedings in the High Court (clash between confiscation under the DTA and the Matrimonial Causes Act). He is frequently specifically instructed to undertake the confiscation stage of cases, post-conviction.

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Serious Sexual Offences

Ben has defended in a number of rape and sexual assault trials. He has also been led in prosecuting an historic rape case, involving multiple complainants and a significant quantity of complex unused material. He has experience in internet crimes (grooming; child & extreme pornography), and has conducted a sensitive case involving a male with severe learning disabilities accused of sexual assault upon a schoolgirl.

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