Dorian Day Family

Call: 1987


Dorian specialises in all aspects of work involving familial and relationship breakdown.

In particular he is renowned for his representation of parties in cases of complexity with serious allegations of homicide, physical and sexual abuses, in High Court care proceedings.

Dorian is also well reputed for complex and high value financial remedy cases.

Until 2011 Dorian practiced out of chambers in London where he continues to conduct significant amounts of work.

Dorian has 20 years experience having practiced in criminal , civil and family law at the highest levels and in the most complex and demanding cases.

Dorian’s extensive background and particular expertise is that of a forensic trial lawyer with a methodical approach to preparation, detail and effective presentation of the key issues in any particular dispute.

Dorian combines the ability to offer sensitive sound practical advice backed up by detailed preparation and robust Court presentation in any dispute and is highly respected by both his opponents and the judiciary.

Cases of Note and Interest:

Croydon LBC v A [1992] 1 WLR 894-Exercise of PR under a Care Order.

Re H [2003] 1 WLR 419-Designation of relevant local authority.

B v B (Divorce:Northern Cyprus) [2000] 2 FLR -Declaration that the UK does not recognize divorce.

B v Lewisham BC [2008] 2 FLR 523-Judicail Review of Specail Guardainship Finacial Provision.

Lewisham BC v D [2011] 1 FLR 895-Disclosure of DNA held by the Police.

Lewisham BC v D [2011] 1 FLR 908. -The use of DNA in care proceedings.

R v Chief Constable of Sussex OAO Evans CO/15342/2009 Burnett J-12.7.13.-Judicial Review of Fast Track Police Disciplinary Proceedings.

Articles and Publications:

“Pay day for the silent army of Specail Guardians” -The Ramifications of the Decision in B v LB Lewisham -Family Law 2010





Family Finance Team

Dorian is a specailist in ancillary relief matters -his skills encompass driven and guided practical advice to problem solving and detailed prepartion and cross-examination in all aspects of financial work.

Dorian has experience in conducting claims where there are assets of substance [Upto £40 million], trust assets, business interests, intervening parties, a foreign or jurisdictional element, estates and also where there are aspects of conduct or asset disssipation raised before or within the proceedings.

Dorian also conducts cases involving inheritance provision, TOLATA and Schedule 1 Children Act Claims.

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Judicial Review

Dorian undertakes all aspects of judicial review work particularly in the field of children, families and decisions by Local Authorities particularly regarding funding and involving policy considerations.

In particular Dorian has regularly challenged and advised Local Authorities in relation to decisions pertaining to special guardianship/residence allowances and funding decisions.

Dorians experience and expertise extends to all forms of tribunal challenge including in particular disciplinary decisions made by the police and other professional bodies.

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Private Law Children and Domestic Abuse

Dorian has broad and extensive expertise in all aspects of private law children disputes.In particular he is reputed for his represenation of children in such disputes.
Dorian is particularly sought after for his advice and representation in cases involving international relocation and abduction of children.

Dorian offers the ability and duality to advice and represent parties on both the welfare and financial aspects of childrens cases.

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Public Law Care and Adoption

Dorian is highly experienced in complex public law cases under the children and adoption legislation.

In particular Dorian thrives and excels were there are allegations of the death of a child ( parent or carer), very serious non-accidental physical injury, sexual abuse and trafficking of children.Dorian has particularly concentrated his work in cases involving complex medical issues including FII.

Dorian is also very well renowned for cases where there are jurisdictional orders involving the inherent jurisdication and wardship and where there are international cross-border jurisdictional issues.

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