Glyn Samuel Regulatory

Call: 1991


Glyn is a very experienced trial advocate and also has considerable expertise in arguing points of law before the appellate Courts. He has a practice that has evolved around regulatory and licensing law (in both civil and criminal jurisdictions) and in criminal law (almost exclusively in the Crown and Appellate Courts). He has, however, also maintained a regular practice in personal injuries law at all levels of injury.

A particular area of specialisation has been as Independent Counsel, advising various prosecuting authorities upon matters of Legal Professional Privilege. In this field Glyn has been instructed in major criminal investigations involving, amongst others, HM Revenue & Customs, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Home Office, NCIS, RART, UKBA and various Police services throughout the Country.

Glyn was appointed Deputy Chancellor (Judge of the Consistory Court dealing with Ecclesiastical and Canon Law) of Coventry Diocese in 2010.

Glyn is a Level 4 prosecutor on the Crown Prosecution Service panel of advocates and is on the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences panel

Qualifications and Appointments:

Deputy Chancellor of Coventry Diocese (Judge of the Consistory Court)

Articles and Publications:

Glyn has written articles on Legal Professional Privilege, Alcohol licensing and on firearms law. He has given lectures on Firearms Licensing and Child protection. He was invited to lecture on Child Protection law to Masters students at the University of Warwick Medical school. He was, for several years, a tutor for paediatricians on an accredited course concerning the giving and presentation of expert evidence.


Criminal Bar Association

Personal Injury Bar Association


Disciplinary Tribunals & Professional Regulation

Glyn is principally concerned with the correct administration of police, prison and courts powers. He has regularly been engaged by the police to argue issues over police powers in the Divisional Court and Court of Appeal.

Examples include:

R v West Midlands Police & Bournville Garage, ex parte Clarke [2001] - police powers concerning 'abandoned' vehicles.

Clarke v Chief Constable of West Midlands Police [1997] - an appeal concerning the award by a jury of only 1 in damages for technical false imprisonment.

R v Bye [2006] - power of Crown Court to order deprivation of property as part of a sentence.

He has also been engaged to argue disciplinary matters for the officer, as presenting Officer for the Chief Constable and as independent legal advisor to the panel.

One prominent case involved detailed examination of the procedure under the Police (Efficiency) Regulations.

A particular area of experience has been the police role in licensing regulatory powers, particularly concerning alcohol, firearms and large events. Firearms licensing has been an area of particular interest, including review of the affect of the Hunting Act upon the control of foxes with firearms.

He has had to argue a new point of law - whether the publicity stunts of a Fathers4Justice activist are such immoderate behaviour as to result in the loss of his shotgun certificate.

In the past few years Glyn has been briefed in a number of significant applications under the Civil Recovery provisions of Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, a number concerning substantial funds recovered by the police in major criminal investigations.

Glyn is also an appeal chair for the disciplinary panel of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association, dealing with detailed examination of the behaviour of HCEOs and the application of the industrial and legislative regulations applying to such Officers.

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Glyn has represented both the prosecution and the defence in such actions on numerous occasions. In particular, he has helped to retain the licence for a number of drivers and business operators accused of wrong-doing; represented private hire associations and has been briefed for various local authorities throughout the Midlands.

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Trading Standards, Consumer Protection & Food Safety

Glyn has represented a number of local authorities in prosecutions concerning the breach of food hygiene and food safety regulations, in particular in cases that have been committed to the Crown Court for trial. Defendants have included large-scale manufacturers, retailers from small, medium and large size outlet, restaurateurs and publicans.

Glyn has a good deal of experience in both defending and prosecuting various trading standards and other such related offences, and is regularly engaged by a number of local authorities to provide advice and to act as a trial advocate in such actions.

In particular, he has been involved right through from pre-charge advice up to conviction and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 application in a case involving more than 300 'clocked' vehicles passing through the hands of two second-hand car traders.

In 2009 - 2010 he successfully used the Consumer Protection Regulations to prosecute rogue Wheel-clampers in what was described as a landmark case.

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