Heidi Kubik Crime

Call: 1993


Heidi is an experienced criminal practitioner who has built up an extensive practice in all areas of serious crime. She is a shrewd and skilled advocate.

She has a reputation for getting results through effective cross examination and persuasive advocacy in both legal argument and jury speeches.

She is always approachable and capable of adapting her style and vocabulary to suit the case in hand.

Whilst she handles young and/or vulnerable defendants or those suffering from mental disability in a sympathetic manner, and can explain complex issues in simple terms; she can also give strong advice when necessary and is adept at dealing with difficult clients in a non-confrontational way.
Heidi has been recognised in Chambers and Partners 2013, Experienced junior Heidi Kubik has a broad practice that takes in fraud and sexual offences, and is viewed as a reliable, high-quality advocate by local solicitors.

Heidi is a Grade 4 prosecutor.

Chambers & Partners 2015

An expert in serious sexual offences. She also prosecutes and defends in a variety of serious violence and homicide cases.

Expertise: “She is extremely able and can be trusted with anything, particularly cross-examinations of vulnerable witnesses in a sensitive manner.”


Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Heidi has defended in a multi-million pound fraud involving beer kegs entering the scrap metal market and has previously defended in a large scale home working fraud. She has dealt with many smaller frauds over the last 20 years, including many in breach of trust, requiring expert reports from accountants. She has defended at Southwark Crown Court in an alleged conspiracy to defraud various catalogue companies. Heidi has defended in a conspiracy to blackmail which concerned the alleged unlawful and overzealous activities of a car clamping company.

Reported Cases:

R v L (2012) multi million pound fraud involving beer kegs entering the scrap metal market. Case involved numerous complex disclosure issues and ultimately contested evidence from many brewery representatives relating to industry practice. Trial lasted 3 months.

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Serious Sexual Offences

Heidi is regularly instructed by both defence solicitors and the CPS in serious rape and child abuse cases, as well as in less serious sexual assaults which can nevertheless have devastating consequences for a defendant upon conviction. Previous instructions have given her extensive experience in all aspects of this work. She is experienced in dealing with historic allegations and the difficulties in retrieving information from social services and other 3rd parties as well as more prompt complaints, including those in a "date rape" or domestic setting. She is able to cross examine adult complainants and child witnesses effectively, adapting her style and language to suit the circumstances of the case. She is familiar with drafting and arguing s41 applications to cross examine complainants about previous sexual behaviour as well as frequently complex bad character applications which can have a significant impact on the jury.

Reported Cases:

R v S (2014) Police officer charged with numerous sexual offences against the daughter of family friends, starting when she was 14 years old and continuing beyond her 16th birthday. There was a substantial amount of evidence served, approximately 10,000 pages in total. The complainant had been ABE interviewed for almost 9 hours. Evidence included expert cell site analysis, phone traffic between 5 different phones, 2 years’ worth of sexualised text exchanges and extensive diary entries. Fully contested trial requiring detailed fact management.

R v P (2013) Allegations of rape and sexual abuse of defendant’s teenage daughter over protracted period of time. Defendant acquitted following trial.

R v W (2013) Defendant raped 12 year old friend of his daughter repeatedly, and was exposed when sexually explicit text messages discovered.

R v B (2012) Elderly grandfather accused of prostituting his granddaughter and step granddaughters for gain and sexually abusing them himself. Fully contested trial. Very vulnerable witnesses with background of serious suicide attempts.

R v C (2012) Defendant was a professional golfer accused of exposing himself whilst masturbating to teenage girls whilst driving past in his car. Allegations spanned a period of 6 months. 8 separate complainants. Defendant of impeccable character and his career was at stake. Demanding client and family. Detailed alibis advanced for relevant dates and a substantial number of defence witnesses called.

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