Jacqueline Humphreys

Call: 1994


Jacqueline is a confident and highly competent advocate, specialising in the financial aspects of relationship breakdown. She joined the St Philips Family Finance Team in 2013 from chambers in Bristol where she had an enviable reputation for quality and attention to detail. In Financial Resolution cases following divorce or civil partnership dissolution she has extensive experience of resolving cases involving family businesses, companies, trusts, pension assets and third party claims on family assets. She enjoys the forensic challenge of tracing hidden assets and is highly effective in cross examination. However, she does not look for unnecessary confrontation and is often able to negotiate a realistic compromise that is advantageous to her client. Jacqueline also has wide experience of financial disputes between unmarried partners including under Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act and Schedule 1 of the Children Act. Other areas of expertise include children matters, domestic violence protection, charity law and ecclesiastical law.

Having worked part time for a number of years, Jacqueline is returned to full time practice in September 2013. She is also a school governor and a trustee of a national charity.

Qualifications and Appointments:

MA (Jurisprudence) Oxon

LLM (Canon Law) Cardiff

Deputy Chancellor of Southwell and Nottingham

Articles and Publications:

TOLATA and Equitable Accounting – was the House of Lords wrong in Stack v Dowden? – Published on St Philip’s Chambers website, 2013

Corporate Veil or Iron Curtain?: The limited options of a spouse following Petrodel v Prest. – Published on St Philips Chambers website, 2013

Charity Law Cases Resource Guide, Charity Commission of Northern Ireland, 2011  (with Sarah Knapton, George Rowell & Alex Troup).

‘The Civil Partnership Act 2004, Same-sex Marriage & the Church of England’ (2006) Ecc. L.J. 8, pp 289-306.

‘The Right to Marry in the Parish Church: A Rehabilitation of Argar v Holdsworth’ (2004) Ecc.L.J. 7, pp 405-417.

‘The Shipman Injunction: Right or Wrong?’ Private Client Business (1995) p368, (with Philip Moor).

My Expertise