Jane Sarginson Regulatory

Call: 2000


Jane is an exceptional and highly experienced barrister. With over 15 years at the Bar she is equally adept and has a proven track record of success in prosecution and defence advocacy, specialising in criminal and regulatory work. She is exemplary in her ability to analyse, prepare and present cases, being able to communicate and negotiate, manage and work with others, plan and organise workloads and give appropriate legal advice.

Jane is passionate about the common law adversarial system in this country and is motivated by her keen sense of justice. Jane excels in communication with those who are particularly vulnerable. She is a tenacious but efficient and effective advocate, with the ability to alter her approach according to the nature of the case. She is highly practical and when necessary, pragmatic.

Jane has a keen and analytical mind making her ideal for those cases which require an eye for the presentation of complex material in user friendly form.


Jane graduated from Manchester University with Joint Honours in Pharmacology and Psychology and completed the Common Professional Examination at The College of Law in Chester. Jane initially qualified as a solicitor gaining experience both with the Crown Prosecution Service and in private practice, before being called to the Bar in 2000.

Health & Safety, Corporate & Gross Negligence Manslaughter

Jane has acted in a number of prosecutions brought by local councils in matters alleging health and safety at work. She is equally attracted to defending those accused of such matters and has represented those to a successful conclusion.

She has represented local councils in cases alleging breach of a noise abatement notice, requiring analysis of a significant and intricate scientific data.

She has defended those who were alleged to have polluted the local water courses in one particular case where there had been substantial damage to the treatment centre supplying water to the district.

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Inquests & Coronial

Between 1998 and 2004 Jane was Assistant Deputy Coroner for West Midlands (Coventry) and has since gained a considerable experience in dealing with inquests within the Midlands area. Over the years she has represented many families of the deceased, but she has also successfully represented the interests of the Fire Service, local authorities, and those working within the health services. She is fully conversant in Article 2 inquests and those conducted with and without juries, and advising on the prospects of appealing any decision made by the Court.  Her experience is such that she has given a number of talks on Coronial Law.

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Trading Standards, Consumer Protection & Food Safety

Jane has a successful and developing practice in this area, which includes provision of pre-charge advice to those prosecuting, and a very ‘hands on’ approach to shaping the case,  building the file, and presentation of the case to the court. She has been involved from the beginning in a number of successful prosecutions in which Defendants have targeted the old and vulnerable.

Jane also has a growing practice in matters alleging counterfeiting and has had successful outcomes both in terms of prosecutions and the resulting confiscation hearings.

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