Lee Marklew Regulatory

Call: 1993


Lee is regularly instructed to appear for both the prosecution and the defence in cases of murder, rape, sexual assault, making indecent images, conspiracy to import drugs, armed robbery, firearms offences and blackmail.

Lee is a Grade 4 prosecutor and an approved rape prosecutor. His experience also includes large scale fraud and people trafficking. He is instructed in many cases of indecency where the alleged victims are children. Lee has led other junior barristers and has regularly been led by Queens Counsel.

Having represented Birmingham and Worcester City Councils in Trading Standards cases Lee has also lectured Trading Standards Officers upon aspects of their investigative work.


Criminal Bar Association

Bar Council Remuneration Committee [Circuit Representative]


Lee has ten years’ experience in defending and prosecuting a range of regulatory cases, including trading standards, health and safety and animal welfare.  He has worked on cases involving the production and selling of counterfeit clothing, the adequacy of fire retardant treatment on fabrics, false descriptions in particulars provided by estate agents and the accuracy of descriptions upon labels relating to food products.  Cases have involved multinational companies such as Lidl and Superdrug; Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA); The Official Receivers Office; Birmingham, Worcester, Warwickshire and Coventry County/City Councils and the RSPCA.

The principal charges have been brought under the following acts:

  • Food Safety Act 1990
  • Trade Descriptions Act 1968
  • Trade Marks Act 1994
  • Insolvency Act 1986
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Animal Welfare Act 2006

Significant cases:

  • (Warwickshire CC v Andrew Fern), defending. Counterfeit dvds.
  • (Coventry CC v Ahmed), defending. Trademarks offences/ counterfeit clothing
  • (Worcester CC v Tongue), prosecuting. Series Of trials and appeals concerning widespread cruelty to animals on a number of farms
  • (Worcester CC v Superdrug), prosecuting. Trade description offences relating to a sun care product
  • (Shropshire CC v Solar Cosmetics ltd). Trade description offences relating to a sun care product
  • (Worcester CC v Lidl), prosecuting. Offences under the Food Safety Act
  • (Coventry CC v Goff), prosecuting. False details in an estate agent’s particulars
  • (Birmingham CC v Lockwood and McDonagh), prosecuting. ‘Loan shark’ prosecuted for persecuting 2 heroin addicts
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