Malcolm Morse

Call: 1967


Malcolm Morse started with a general practice covering areas of crime, civil, family and licensing law. Over
time he has specialised exclusively in a criminal practice which later became concentrated on fraud, financial crime and financial orders and sexual offences.

His practice is split between prosecution and defence work,
and he has particular expertise in matters of serious crime and violence, fraud and confiscation proceedings.

Malcolm Morse has been a Recorder since 1999 with authorisations in crime, civil and public and private
family law.

Chambers & Partners 2015:

A Crown Court Recorder with a highly respected prosecution practice that includes frauds and sexual offences.

Expertise: “He is an outstanding advocate and wordsmith; he is always a formidable opponent.” “He is renowned for his forensic approach and his intellectual ability.”

Reported Cases:

DPP v P, in the House of Lords, where the old rules about admissibility of evidence were reviewed
and replaced by a rule which anticipated the Criminal Justice Act 2003 in respect of bad character.

R v Hinks, in the House of Lords, where the question of the possibility of dishonest appropriation in
voluntary transfers of property was considered.

The Queen v Georgina Vilella, in the Crown Court, he has prosecuted in a trial for murder at
Wolverhampton where the deceased was killed by burning and one of the questions was the
statutory defence of loss of control.

The Queen v Czyzewski, Court of Appeal.

The Queen v Eric FitzPatrick DanisonĀ in Crown Court.


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Midland Circuit

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