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Call: 2000


Nick has been at the Bar since 2000. He is a specialist on all aspects of matrimonial finance and has a large practice with extensive experience of complex high net worth cases including those involving business, farming and pension issues representing husband’s or wives.

He also has significant experience of disputes between unmarried couples, in particular applications under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 and Schedule 1 applications.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Nick was a partner in a firm of solicitors. He has seen cases from both sides of the profession and brings all that experience with him and knows what he would expect from Counsel.

He is pleased to accepted direct access instructions. He would be happy to look at papers, and then assist the client as to the best level of representation for them. He will meet in chambers if that assists and provide advice in person or in writing if that is preferred.

He believes being involved at an early stage can be of a great advantage as it can provide focus and reduce overall cost. If a meeting in Chambers is the desired approach then he will consider an agenda to ensure each topic is considered. Nick aims to take a sympathetic yet realistic approach while keeping the key issues firmly in mind.

Articles and Publications:

Family Law August 2011, Volume 41. 
Matrimonial Finance. 
Super Injunctions; Gasp or Gulp at Conduct.

Nick has lectured widely on all aspects of matrimonial finance, and written articles covering numerous topics within this field. He provides in-house training to many individual Solicitors firms.

Nicks first novel Half Way to Dawn was published in 2010. The sequel is finished and awaiting publication. He writes in the name of Prescott Green

Family Finance Team

Nick has represented parties with high value business assets, assets outside the jurisdiction, S.37 applications and multi party cases. 

He recently represented a husband who lived in Dubai and had been separated from the wife for many years.He didn't engage in the original proceedings and the AR application was left open. When his whereabouts were recently discovered, the wife reissued seeking PPs/capitalization.

The case concerned significant assets accumulated outside of the marriage, how to treat and deal with the H's business interests in Dubai and pension arrangements. The final decision was a clean break.

Reported Cases:

Birmingham City Council and S R A [2006] EWHC (FAM). This was a reported decision before Sumner J. This was a disclosure/Article 8 case. Nick represented a Muslin father who wished to keep secret from his family that he had fathered a child because the mother was working as a prostitute. With a Care Plan of adoption, the Guardian and Local Authority wished to inform the paternal family of the existence of the child. The father was opposed to this course. The court ruled that the professionals should inform the paternal family although giving the father the opportunity to do so in the first instance

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