Raj Punia Crime

Call: 1999


Raj has a thriving Criminal prosecution and defence practice in all areas of crime. She is a highly experienced practitioner. She regularly appears in the Crown courts and Court of Appeal. In particular she is regarded as a very persuasive and articulate advocate.

She is charming and personable and has excellent communiaction skills.

Having qualified as barrister Raj taught the English Legal system for three years at 6th Form College in Oxford, she then came to Midlands where she got tenancy.

She is a keen traveller, she has travelled round Australia, India and Tanzania, there she climbed Kilimanjaro.

She is fluent in Punjabi and can speak basic Urdu and Hindi.

Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Raj has a vast experience of prosecution and defending Farud cases. She has been involved in numerous cases under the Proceeds of Crime Act both defending and prosecuting.

Raj is on the Prosecution panel for Fruad.

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Organised Crime and Terrorism

Raj has prosecuted and defended people trafficking cases, drugs cases and money laudering. She has prosecuted as Junior Consel a multi handed, multi million pound money laundering case. The case involved complex evidence and expert witnesses.

Raj is on the panel for Serious Organised Crime

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Serious Sexual Offences

Raj Is a prosecution rape specialist. She has prosecuted and defended serious sexual offences. She has a wealth of experience in cases invloving young children and vulnerable victims and defendants.

Raj is a on the Posecution panel as a Rape specialist.

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