Stephen Thomas

Call: 1980


Stephen is a specialist crime practitioner. He both prosecutes and defends with an increasing emphasis on defence work.

Reported Cases:

R v Steadman and other Stephen led a junior and police team in a 12 week trial of 19 defendants, one and a half million pounds, and high value car key burglary conspiracy involving 48 separate burglaries. The leading defendants received sentences in double figures.

R v Ahmed and others Stephen led a junior and police team in the 9 handed Conspiracy prosecution of a professional gang of high value Car Thieves and armed jewellery shop Robbers. The leading figures received double figure sentences.

R v Bi and others Stephen led a junior and Police team in the substantial prosecution of a sham Marriage and benefits fraud case.

R v Richards and another Stephen successfully prosecuted the armed robbers of Cannabis Farm in the Worcester Area in which the gun fight in the farmyard resulted in one of the Robbers losing a leg.

R v Doe and others Stephen successfully prosecuted a leading figure in a series of targeted armed house Robberies on the evidence of a fellow participant who had entered into a prosecution agreement and had already received a reduction of his sentence from an indeterminate one to a short determinate one.


Recorder of the Crown Court

My Expertise