Timothy Raggatt QC Crime

Call: 1974 | Silk: 1993


After two years training bar final students Timothy joined the Birmingham Bar in 1974 and thereafter practised as a Junior in Birmingham until taking Silk in 1993. Timothy practises in all areas of criminal law but particularly murder, serious fraud, drug related offences, arson and serious sexual offences cases. He is also authorised to try all Serious Sexual Offences in his capacity as a Recorder. Timothy has appeared in a large number of complex and serious trials in the West Midlands and South East and in particular has been at the very forefront of most of the leading cases involving Black on Black gun crime in the West Midlands. Timothy also played a central part as Leading Counsel in the recent evolution of the law of evidence on key witness protection issues such as anonymity and special protection measures advising the police in the Midlands on overall policy as well as on a case by case basis.

Timothy has a national practice and is instructed all over the country in centres such as Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London. Timothy prosecutes for the CPS in the Midlands and Thames Valley areas and act for the defence on a national basis. As well as the above Timothy has an extensive referral practice in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division. Through the cases that Timothy has conducted he has built an extensive specialist knowledge in mobile phone technology and cell site analysis as well as in DNA techniques and medical issues related to homicide of young children. Timothy was also instrumental in the introduction of Advocacy Training courses for the Bar on the Midland and Oxford Circuit in 1991 and continued to organise and teach on them up until 1998. The training in the UK is based upon the techniques of the distinguished Australian Professor George Hempel. Timothy was one of those originally trained by Professor Hempel himself when this form of training began in the early 1990s. Since 1998 he has continued to train advocates and advocacy trainers on a regular basis on behalf of the Inner Temple as a senior member of the Inns Advocacy Training Committee. Timothy is a Recorder authorised to try all criminal work apart from homicide as well as all civil work apart from family cases. He has held Judicial Office first as an Assistant Recorder and then as a Recorder since 1991.

Qualifications and Appointments:

Recorder of the Crown Court

Master of the bench of the Inner Temple


Cases: Major National Significance

  • R v Ellis & Others 2005-6 The New years Day Shootings of Letitia Shakespeare and Charlene Ellis.
  • R v Parkins & others - Defending one of the accused in the 2012 Birmingham riot deaths, defendant was acquitted of all charges
  • v Bull & Others The infamous Hells Angels M40 shooting in 2008.
  • v Gordon & Abuhansah The starvation of Khyra Ishaq in 2010.
  • v Ribera & Others The shootings at the Fairfield post office in 2009
  • R v Sellick & Sellick [2005] 2 Cr.App R 15 A gangland shooting that fundamentally altered the law involving vulnerable or otherwise intimidated witnesses and has become THE leading case on this topic.
  • R v Cannan The Shirley Banks Murder and the man who remains an Important suspect in the Suzie Lamplugh enquiry.
  • v Grady The case of the father who drove his children into the River Avon in 2010.
  • v Cotter & Others [2002] 2 Cr App R 29 One of the three key leading authorities on offences of Perverting the Course of Justice. The case concerned an alleged racist conspiracy surrounding the Olympic Athlete Ashia Hansen as well as other black British Olympic athletes.
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Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

R. v. Bartlett
50 million plus, company fraud.

R. v Mahoney & Others
Multi million pound banking fraud.

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Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)

R. v Ethel Trigwell
Aka The Black Widow a contract killing of a private detective Barry Trigwell by a hired South African .

R v Dooley & Others
A gangland shooting with ground-breaking hearsay evidence from the deceased leading to the prosecution of those who killed him.

R v McMahon R S & McMahon J C
A homosexual murder of particular brutality.

R v Richards K B, Simms G & Falconer C
A gangland shooting. (Black on Black)

R v Hussain T & another
An honour killing within an Asian family context.

R v Waite C I
The murder of Nicola Dixon an historic DNA case involving the sexual murder of a teenage girl.

R v Hoti G
A child murder defence at the Central Criminal Court, the accused being the Grandmother of the deceased child and who was only an Albanian speaker.

R v Gill N S
Body in the canal Whodunit murder.

R. v Meredith 2011.
Successful defence of a young man in a joint enterprise street killing which attracted a great deal of local notoriety.

R v Boatang & Others - 2014 – Winchester Crown Court - Case involving the murder of a drug dealer in a turf war style shooting

R v Silcott L – 2014 -  Defence of a 15 year old for shooting his 15 year old girlfriend

R v Poore G – 2014 - Chelmsford Crown Court -  Defence of a 76 year old man charged with the murder of his daughter

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Organised Crime and Terrorism

R. v Olah & Others
Multimillion pound drugs supplying conspiracy.

R. v Langston & Others 2011
Multimillion pound cocaine supplying conspiracy

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